Prity GA26  kw Domestic Boiler         

£962.64wood burning boiler

  • Model : Boiler GA26
  • Type : With Water
  • Volume of Water Reservoir in lt. : 62
  • Heat Power (kw) : 26+2=28
  • Size (cm) W*D*H : 57*51*107
  • Weight (kg) : 163
  • Heat Area (min. - max.) m2 : 130 - 150
  • Cells of Honeycomb (min. - max.) : 10 - 13
  • min : Cold Area
  • max : Soft Area

Prity Multi fuel Domestic Boilers 

 Domestic Boilers and Wood Burning Multi-Fuel Stoves

These boilers are intended to be installed in ground premises with a possibility of easy refuelling with coal or wood. They are produced solely for central heating with a natural or forced circulation of the heating water.

Domestic Boiler Range:

  • MA 18 - 18KW Boiler - 1KW Localised area Heat
  • GA 26 - 26kw Boiler - 2KW Localised area Heat
  • GA 33 - 33KW Boiler - 3KW Localised area Heat
  • The LB - 40KW Boiler - 5KW Localised area Heat

Boiler Installation Instructions

The boiler is placed on a stable fireproof horizontal floor. To protect the floor, a stable fireproof base can be used, which shall stick out before the boiler at least 50 cm in front and 30 cm at the side. In the radiating area of the boiler, at a distance of 80 cm around no objects burnable and damageable by the radiated heat shall be there.
Before connecting the boiler to the chimney, consult a specialist.

The connecting elements (rosette and chimney) must be fixed tightly and firmly, so that they may not get into in the passage section. The smoking pipes shall have the same size as the connecting pipe of the boiler. It is advisable that the boiler work with a separate chimney. If other heating appliances are connected to the same chimney, it must be calculated for that.

Fresh air must get in the boiler at least 4 m3/h for each kilowatt from its heat output. When necessary a flow from adjacent premises or outside air is ensured. The burning process of the boiler must not feel shortage of air on the action of gravitational or forced aspirations, since this is a prerequisite for insufficient combustion or returning of flue gases in the premises

General Rules and Recommendations

Before the building of the installation, it is recommended that the heat losses be calculated by a specialist for the concrete case. The installation must be connected to the atmosphere with an open expansion vessel, when the system is open. De-aeration of each branch and element of the installation in each moment of its operation shall be ensured.

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