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We can arrange for a qualified HETAS registered engineer to come and visit you at your home; or premises and give you an Estimate for the cost of Flue Pipe equipment needed to fit your New Stove.

Gas and Solid Fuel Flues

This is a free service - use the contact us page to make arrangements.

Stove Fitting Service

We can arrange for fully qualified HETAS fitters to come and give you an estimate for fitting. This service is  not free. A cost of between £25-£40 for the survey will be deducted from cost of stove fitting if you choose to go ahead with the installation.

Flue Parts Price Calculator

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About Flues

Flues: There is much confusion with regard to flues - herein is a simple identifier.

Class 1: A fire (gas, oil or solid fuel) that require a "class 1" flue - by simple definition this is a flue that would be suitable to burn coal in. The most obvious and familiar class 1 flues are the brick built chimneys that we see around on most older houses. Class 1 need not necessarily be brick however, today a class 1 flue system is built in steel, volcanic pumice, as well as the traditional building methods. Some gas fires require class 1 systems to support them, usually where a large open fire is envisaged, this because the larger the fire the more air will be transported up the flue and class 1 flues are normally at least 7" in diameter.

Class 2: This type of flue is less robust than a class 1 system and is almost exclusively the province of the gas market. Class 2 flues, again may be built from a variety of materials, but often are constructed in aluminium. Adding a liner to a class 1 flue reducing the diameter to 5", normally, will turn it into a class 2. The smaller diameter and lesser materials, ensure that class 2 flues are used for smaller "reduced draught" open gas fires, glass fronted gas fires, and some gas stoves.

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