Orion wood burning stove

The Orion is the smallest stove in the Nordpeis range. The petite proportions make this stove ideal for areas such as a snug or studio space. The Orion is designed to be used with wood only. The cast iron construction helps to retain the heat from the flames and provide continuous warmth into the room.

The Orion has unique features such as the decorative natural design on the side of the appliance, long elegant legs and the petite brass handle that really set it apart from other stoves.

The top hot plate is ideal for keeping a kettle simmering or to cook a casserole if there is a powercut, making it a very useful appliance for remote rural areas.

orion woodburner

 Orion Wood burning Feature List

* Genuine cast iron construction for durability and real stove charm

* Compact and efficient woodburning stove

* Integral hotplate on the top of the stove

* Easy to install with a choice of top

* Rear and side flue outlets

* No additional room ventilation required

 Price £429.00 inc VAT In Store only

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 Orion Wood burning Specifications

Spec Value

Height 627 mm

Width 320 mm

Depth 440 mm

Output 4 kw

Efficency 73 %

Temperature Less than 100 °C

Weight 60 kg

Flue Diameter 125 mm

 Stove Flue Choices

* Rear flue exit

* Side flue exit

* Top flue exit