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Prity95 Ltd

 Prity Wood burning Stoves Range.

Only Prity stoves purchased from us are covered by the correct warranty and guarantees. 

Any stoves purchased from Mr Gimleys or riversiderant00 on ebay uk are not covered with the correct warranties and guarantees. Beware

Multi Fuel Stoves ,Wood Burning Stoves, Cookers, by Prity

The Huge Range on offer consists of Stand alone Stoves, Inset Stoves, Wood burning Cookers, Oven Stoves & High output Domestic Boilers

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Nearly all Prity Stoves have various Boiler options ranging from 8 kW of water heat to a Massive 40 KW of power from the LB Multi Fuel Domestic Boiler Stoves

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 Inset stoves

PRITY manufacture an extensive range of Wood Burning Inset Stoves all available with Boiler options.

Inset Stoves whilst being capable of High boiler output they have perfect room heat control

Prity Stoves are a serious alternative to heating your home with Style, Elegance whilst saving your money and reducing Global Warming

 Wood Stoves / Multi Fuel Stoves

All of the PRITY range of solid fuel fires are deemed as Multi Fuel

If they have a grate and can burn Wood or Coal equally as well. They are all fitted with ash pans and air control in the chamber and flue control dampers come as a standard fitting; so giving you greater control of the rate of burn and surrounding temperature.

 PRITY Cookers and Oven Stoves

Fuelled by Wood or Coal ie Multi fuel, these Cookers & Oven Stoves are ideal for Rural Areas.

All Stove models available with Boilers

Save Pounds and the Planet

 Boiler Stoves

Integrate these Boiler Stoves with your Central Heating System or replace it completely. We stock a Large range of Stoves with Boilers to suit all Solid fuel Heating systems

The Domestic Boiler Range

Purpose built Domestic Boilers the real alternative to gas and oil

These Multi Fuel Boiler Stoves are designed provide all the hot water needed. Ideal for rural areas where there is no gas supply

Boiler output up to 40 kw