Wood burning Stoves

Wood burning Stove Manufacturers

Prity Stoves, Blacksmith Stoves , Heta Wood Stoves, Franco Belge Stoves, Nordpeis, Mulberry, Invicta, Bohemia, Suffolk.

All Stoves in all Ranges are Multi fuel (They Burn Wood and all Solid fuels). Made from only the best Stove Steel or Cast Iron. They all meet British standard for Solid Fuel Stove appliances.EN 13240; 2006 and BSEN 13240; 2006

 Prity Wood Burning Stoves

PRITY is a Bulgarian Company with many years of first hand experience of the manufacture of Solid Fuel Stoves

With temperatures that plummet to minus 30 Degrees in winter months they have developed highly efficient Stoves, Cookers , Boilers & Central Heating systems Think again about the benefits of old fashioned solid fuel heating.

Today's modern Boiler Stoves are more efficient that ever. If they are operated correctly Prity Boiler Stoves deliver up to 80% efficiency. They are capable of Central heating your home and feeding your family at a fraction of the cost of GAS, ELECTRICITY OR OIL

As a new member of the EU we would like to introduce the company products.


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 Cast Iron Wood Stoves from Blacksmith

Tradition teamed with technology. Elegance abounding from Style. Comfort wrapping you with warmth. .Blacksmith Stoves are here to stay

Whether your house is rural or urban, old-style or contemporary, Blacksmith Stoves exude the warmth and comfort you desire from elegant Stoves styled to suit your needs. Make the flickering flames of a welcoming fire the centrepiece of your room.

Blacksmith provides a variety of Stoves designed using the latest technology bringing you efficiency, cost reduction and lower carbon emissions across their range.

Wood burning Blacksmith Stoves available with back boilers to LINK UP to your existing system

 Heta Stoves

Kosi, Komfort & Scanline

Heta has years of experience in the manufacture of Multi fuel Stoves for both large and small rooms.Wood stoves provide a comfortable type of heat and a good interior climate. They are practical, environment friendly, easy to clean and provide problem free combustion.