Bespoke, British, Beautiful 


made multi fuel stoves


only £399




A bespoke

beautiful and unique little stove

The smallest original 2-3kw multi fuel stove available.

Designed and hand made to order by a skilled English craftsman,

British made, British manufactured to order. 

Great for keeping warm,

 frying or cooking

 and making a brew

Idea for festivals, small boats, caravans, huts, workrooms, lorries, sheds

The stoves were originally designed and made to warm up and dry out a small boat but can be used for numerous different applications from caravans to tents, yurts, shepherds huts, fishermen shelters or any small space and requires heat!!!!!

The length of burn between refuelling can last up to an incredible 4 hours !

Constructed from a minimum 6mm 

thick steel throughout


Tertiary air flow system to triple burn the gasses, we call smoke (Defra approved stove performance) allowing for greater heat and lengthening the burn time to over 3 hours !!

2.5”square heatproof glass window to watch the flames

Mahogany door handles backed by klingerite to keep the handles cool

Internal ash pan

Made with feet or brackets (to fit bulkhead/wall)

(Can be sat inside a roasting tin or other suitable non combustable platform 

for outside use

Half inch solid bar grid

Brass primary air control 

Basic tools included (poker & ash rake)

Basic firebox construction is 8x6 inch

Finished in heat proof paint

Choice of 3 inch or 4 inch diameter flue pipe, twin wall insulated flue pipe which we can supply to any length.

 The flue can exit the stove Left Hand - Right Hand - BACK or through the top of the stove,as per specifications on order!!

Dimensions - Height 16"/41 cm (45 cm to the top of the flue)

Width (top) 8inch x 8inch - 20 cm x 20 cm

Width (bottom feet) 9.5inch - 23.5 cm

Front to back (bottom feet) 10.5" 27 cm

Options include:

Brass fiddles with connecting bars to prevent kettles, pans etc. sliding off.

(these are brass attachments on each corner of the top plate)

Stevensons Rocket design top flue pipe !!

Back boiler to run a small radiator (no electric required!) Can be run on an open or closed vented system!!!

You can also run this stove with the boiler dry unlike all other boiler stoves!!!

Additional extras:

Fiddles £45

Back boiler £50

1 x meter 3 inch flue pipe £25

1 x meter 4 inch, 100mm flue pipe £40

1 x meter 4 inch, 100mm twin wall insulated flue pipe £65

1 x 3 - 4 inch increaser £25

1 x rain cap £30

1 x Stephensons rocket top flue £35

These Hand made stoves are made to order so please allow seven days delivery from time of purchase!!

Can be purchased instore!!

Contact Ace Stoves engineer Steve Andrews on  07855873381 or email him at: 

for more information.

We can ship Worldwide! Please contact us for shipping costs!!!

Please note that the stoves must only be used in conjunction with a carbon monoxide detector if used indoors!

As with all stoves the flue pipes will need cleaning on a regular basis.

 Please feel free to contact us for more information!!!

hand made bespoke woodburner
handmade bespoke stove
Handmade bespoke stove
Handmade bespoke stove
Handmade bespoke stove
Handmade bespoke stove
primary air flow brass
Handmade bespoke stove
Handmade bespoke stove
Handmade bespoke stove

Testamonial from a satisfied customer:


I got one of these stoves from you in Jan/Feb 2013.

I have a 24 sec video that shows sausages cooking (you can even hear them sizzling and the fire going) using the same view as the 1st picture.

I have boiled a kettle with ease, done fried egg rolls, done jacket spuds in the griddle to name but a few and dry out logs at the side (2nd picture).

I have a large apex concrete garage that I use as a workshop and this fire really take the chill off - you can really feel it when you come inside.

The workmanship is 1st class and it is definitely worth the money. Everyone who has seen it working has been amazed at the quality, design and how much heat it gives out.

I have been using it regularly for 6 months and can tell it will last a life time and it is easy to clean out with the supplied tools.

I will put the video up on youtube if you want - let me know by reply and I will send you the link.

Use the video/pics on ebay etc as a testament to how highly I rate this.


Ace Stove

£ 299 

1 x Ace Stove


Brass Fiddles

£ 45 

1 x set of 4, Brass fiddles with or without rails for safety and decoration


back boiler

£ 55 

1 x back boiler mounted either left or right side as in picture


3 inch flue pipe

£ 25 

1 x meter 3 inch flue pipe (optional screw or slot fix)


4 inch flue pipe

£ 40 

1 x meter 4 inch, 100mm flue pipe 


4 inch, 100m, Twin wall insulted flue pipe

£ 65 

1 x meter 4 inch,100mm

Twin wall insulated flue pipe


4 inch, 100mm, vitreous pipe to twin wall pipe adaptor

£ 30 

1 x 4 inch, 100mm

Vitreous to twin wall adaptor


3 - 4 inch increaser

£ 25 

1 x 3 - 4 inch increaser


Rain Cap

£ 30 

1 x standard rain cap


High temperature roof flashing

£ 35 

1 x pitched roof flashing


flat roof flashing

£ 40 

1 x flat roof flashing


500mm twin wall insulated pipe

£ 35 

1 x 500mm, 4 inch, 100mm diameter twin wall insulated flue pipe

ace stoves