W.B.S Wood burning Boilers from Sunsystem

Steel wood burning boilers WBS range in nominal output from 20 to 110 kW to satisfy the heating demands of medium to large sized spaces. They are engineered for burning solid fuel and provide the option for fitting pellet, oil or gas-fired burners.

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Renewable Heat incentive Scheme

The 20 and 40 KW models of these Wood Boilers qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)





Product Features

* Simple installation and handling

* Design complying with EN 303-5

* Combustion chamber with large heat exchanging surface and low chamber resistance

* Large firebox door ensures easy loading even

with bigger wood chunks

* Ribbed chamber surface and three-pass flue

gas flow for improved heat exchange

* Burner flange on lower door for fitting gas, oil,

or pellet burners

* Easy cleaning and maintenance

* Pressure relief valve 2,5 bar included in the delivery set

* Exchangeable metallic ash grate protects the

chamber base from the flame


Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme

The 20 kw and 40 kw models have been approved by the BBA and have been issued a Microgeneration Certificate.


Wood Boiler Conversion

An interesting feature of the Burnit Boiler is that the lower loading door can be removed and replaced by a Burner housing panel.

The boiler can then be powered by pellets, oil or gas

wbs boilers


Three safety devices :

* Thermostatic draught regulator;

* Pressure relief valve;

* Safety heat evacuator a tap-water-filled line passes

through the up most part of the boiler body. In case of

overheating it is triggered open by a thermostatic valve

(not included) to evacuate the heat off the boiler.

wbs boiler diagrames